President's Address

Since our founding in 1976, Art Precision has been in relentless pursuit of its technologies centering on precision tool making, sheet-metal stamping and plastic injection. Our operations have always been based on the spirit of revering humanity. The aim is for improved QCDE and supply of products truly satisfactory to our customers through well-trained human resources and enhanced productivity. To achieve This goal, we have vigorously introduced topnotch, rationalized equipment. And through the application of our comprehensive technological research and development, as well as our accumulated know-how and with the participation of all our employees in quality-control activities, we create quality with machines, technology and heart.


Art Precision is making a steady advance with its creativity and technological progress by pursuing the limitless possibilities in metal stamping and plastic injection, and by pioneering new fields with cutting-edge technology. As we expand into a top class parts manufacturer, our motto are bright, enjoyable and energetic as we create human resources full of vitality and conduct our business placing importance in the trust of our customers.


We will flexibly adapting to change and will continue to walk hand-in-hand with our customers. We offer you our best wishes and look forward to your continuing support and patronage in the years to come.

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